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 hey everyone.  im new here.  im pretty new to ana too.  i've always hated the way my body has looked.  i've always been the fat girl at school. my parents always made me eat, even if i was too depressed to try.  i started college almost three years ago, and it really hadn't stopped.  i didn't get teased, but im hideous.  college is supposed to be peak dating time... no one has ever asked me out.  its because i'm huge.  i know i would be beautiful if i could only get to my goal weight.  for example:  liv tyler.  everyone says i have a resemblance to liv, but of course everyone was telling me that when she had all that baby weight.  now she is a size 4.  a size 4 from a size 12!  what a thinspiration!  so, a few months ago i finally started gaining control of my life, and it's never felt better!  i started fasting and tried to stick to liquids.  my body feels good and i've never felt more confident.  i went from 175 to 148.  i've NEVER been at 148 before!  

 but im still fuckin HUGE!  and loosing weight has gotten harder. 

this is where i need help.  i've hit a plateau.   im losing my control and i need some support.  whether its from all of you or a buddy with similiar stats, i need something.

here are my stats if you're interested in feeling better about yourself :(

height: 5'11''
hw:  200
lw:  148
current: 148
GOAL: 115

any advice would be great because it's desperately needed.  ALSO, i'm a great listener and love to talk with people, so if anyone needs to chat about any struggles, im more than willing to listen.  thanks so much ladies and i look forward to giving and receiving support from such a great group. 

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